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Wanted & Rob Icons + Icon Meme

So I bought Wanted on DVD and watched it this past weekend. I thought it was really good, didn't expect it to be so graphic and gory but it was still good. So I thought I would make some icons. Got the screencaps of the trailer from greatesthitsx. They're simple, focused more on the cropping. Also made some new Rob Pattinson icons. Of his appearance at the Apple Store.

10 Wanted icons
25 Robert Pattinson icons
+ Icon Meme




Robert Pattinson





~ Comment & Credit if you're taking any!
(Comment too if you simply like. Comments make me happy!)
~ DON'T ALTER in any way!

~ Friend me if you like what you see!


Icon Meme

I also got this great Meme from adair7. Discuss your userpic icons and answer the questions…

Default Icon:

I made this icon myself. This is my favourite red carpet picture of Rob & Kristen. The angle the pic is taken from and the moment captured is beautiful.

Oldest Icon:

Made by the wonderful driftingaway. These two are just the cutest, especially when they're together. :D

Newest Icon:

Also made by me. I haven't posted the batch this one came from yet on my journal. But I really like the cropping and colouring.

Saddest Icon:

Another by driftingaway. Not really sad, but Bella looks a bit upset so…

Happiest Icon:

A pic of Rob laughing, that's got to make everyone happy. :D Made by audioblood.

Angriest Icon:

Edward's death glare says it all. Also by driftingaway.

Cutest Icon:

Made by me :) Just the way these two look at each other is adorable. ♥

Sexiest Icon:

Made by me. When this guy smiles, I melt. *sigh*

Most Humorous Icon:

None of my icons are really humorous. But he is laughing and that's all I need…

Favorite Ship Icon:

That's why it's my default. And why it inspired my header.

Icon I Use the Most (apart from default):

Made by vickygraphy. I love the cropping and the colouring of this one. It makes her look so delicate and perfect. Gorgeous icon.

Favorite Overall:

I've already said everything I like about this icon. Just see above.

How many icons do you have total?
How many can you have?
If you could buy space for more, would you?
Probably not.
Do your icons make a statement about you?
They say that I'm Twilight-crazed. And proud of it. :D
What fandom do you have the most icons out of?
The second most?
None. Unless you can count my fandom with Rob & Kristen as separate from the Twilight movie…
What ship do you have the most icons out of?
Edward/Bella &/or Rob/Kristen
How do you categorize your icons?
Mostly Edward&Bella, Rob&Kristen and than separately.
Are your icons mostly made by other users?
I change my icons quite frequently. It's usually a mix of my own icons and icons from other people. As of right now I'm using 7 of my own and 8 by other people.
Animated icons are...
Okay. I generally like still icons. It really depends, if the animated icons are well made. I don't like making animated icons. They take forever.
In general, I think icons...
Rule! :D
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